Prestige Websites Package

For those Ultimate Creative Minds

Kreative India Prestige Product classification provides a first class website design and development service for any customer, irrespective of their business' size, location or industry. Customers can choose to commission a add onto our other rate-card product classifications, or have the Prestige department design and develop a truly bespoke business tool from the ground-up.

Our Prestige product was designed for customers looking for our most talented and experienced team to plan, design, develop and deploy a functionality website with the latest web and mobile technology.


The development opportunity with prestige means that customers can tailor a website to suit the exact needs of their business, products and services. Development or customization can range from anything a bespoke WordPress website to a Magento extension or fully bespoke system. All projects progressed through the Prestige team(s) will be planned and executed to the highest industry standards using the latest technology. Our senior designers work closely with the developers to really understand the business objectives and produce a well designed, thought through business tool for our customers.

Prestige Website Features
Work is managed, designed and developed by Kreative India’s best and most experienced teams.
Consultation with BDM, senior designer and developer at Kreative India’s Offices to discuss the project.
Technical Specification is developed and evolved with the client prior to starting - ensuring accuracy.
Customization for any Rate-Card platforms such as WordPress and Magento
The account is managed/overseen by a Senior Prestige Team Leader
Work is completed by a senior website designer/developer within Kreative India.
Design work is broken down into Wireframes with additional time assigned for the design.
Design prototyping of multiple tiers of the design (i.e home, category, product, page)
Online project Dashboard with Meeting notes, specifications, designs and downloads.
Direct access to our Senior team, responsible for R&D
Work is reviewed and checked by a senior team leader within the Prestige teams prior to launch
In-person website hand-over and training in person at the Kreative India offices
Offsite meetings available whereby the designer(s)/developer(s) visit the client
6 week maximum turnaround time from point of purchase
16 week maximum turnaround time for full prestige websites (with client cooperation).
Prestige Hosting for a faster-loading, less likely to go down (additional cost).
Ability to have a Prestige Website Retainer with a short lead-time with Prestige Team